Catch a train

Funny and skillfully boarding on train in Myanmar or Burma as you prefer

Slipped on blogging

There is a literally millions of blogs on internet .What is that what is attracting people to blog is it a way to express  themselves or it is a money opportunity .
I believe that a probably seventy percent of bloggers want to earn some cash ,why not ?
It would be great if we could live of blogging ,quit a daily job and nervous boss .
But I also like to write posts ,to edit my blog rearrange gadget ,templates and all what comes with blog .

Might say, its a hobby and I like it I'm slipped on  blogging  totally.So what did I do until now .
I found a great template it took me a while but I'm satisfied ,a good blog name I suppose, and put some google AdSense ads.
Yep I forgot adding a sitemeter and adding a url to Google and Yahoo.
So far

Day one

Well, here we go or hello world .Now I should write some good words about me and blog but nothing smart does come to my head .