How to change a blogger template

You have a blog  on Google', s blogger  but you would like to change existing look.You can do that by changing the template with another one . So here are solutions for you, there are many sites that offer a free templates or you can buy a one  . Just search by typing in free blogger  templates and youl'get a thousands   of results,ok maybe not thousands but many . Or go to that really has a lot of templates ,Click a Demo, or  Preview and you will see what it looks like the blog  template (full size) Search until you find one that suits you most.

There are templates with 1 or 2, and 3.4 columns, with different styles and different purposes of film, music business and so on. Let's say you have now found a template that suits you, the next thing you need to do is click on download and download the template on your computer antivirus scan and extract it as it is archived in a zip  or winrar
Open the folder with the name of your new template you have two items are usually read-me text file, and HML  document or template mean ok that's it.

Now go to the dashboard of your blog -click on Template in the upper right corner click on backup/Restore tab-First of all  and most important  click to download your old  full template on your computer this is because if any problem appeared  you can return it back  .That is if there are problems with the new template you can always come back, remember this.
backup template in blogger

 Now, click on Choose  File and find a new template on your computer  and upload -it

Blogger  will ask you whether you want to keep existing widgets, that's  all those extras that you added in the blog as a feedjit , clocks , AdSense etc.. If you want to keep the widget than click Keep ,Delete if not and it should be that . Click Preview to see your new blog look, if you keep the widgets then they may  have changed the places where they  are been before   . Just go to Layout  simply  move the widgets (gadgets) to place you want
And that's it enjoy your new fresh look of your blog