How to submit a blog or website to Google,Bing and Yahoo

You have created your first website,blog whatever ,your  next step would be  to tell  search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing and others . That you are  here and that you have something to share with the world online To get your website crawled  and included in the internet search with the billions of other sites , you need to submit  him to search engine. This would be a first step,

Click on this link in the blank field  below, enter the
URL name of the whole site including the http:// prefix
comments-a description of your site.
 Bing submissions  - ,also you can signup for Bing webmaster tool it is similar to Google webmaster tool

Yahoo,to  add the website to Yahoo, you must first create an account, register on Yahoo and then go to submit  your site for free.

How to add a robots.txt file to Blogger blog

Google now lets you edit your robot.txt file to blogger. What are Robots.txt files, robots files are plain text files which instruct the search engines what to not index. For example, you can restrict the indexing of some pages of your  blog that you wouldn't like  to appear in the search. that is if bots respect and adhere to the robots Exclusion Standard, big players like Google is likely to follow this but bad  robots that scan the Internet looking for information, the vulnerabilities of web sites, e-mail addresses to spammers will heed the robots.txt file.

Your Robots.txt files are visible and available to anyone not use  them to hide information. How to set robot.txt in blogger ,to do this you must first  move to the new Blogger interface, as they will remove old interface  in the coming months there is no obstacle that you do not move  immediately to new interface . In the new interface, click on the Search Settings and Preferences, click the Custom robots.txt in empty text field, enter the robot.txt 

When you enter text, click the Enable custom content robots.txt? Yes, and Save changes and that's it.
By default robots.txt  for Blogger  looks like this one below

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: of your blog /feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated