How to add meta tags to blogger blog

And do we have any benefits of them.
First of all let's say what are they.

What are Meta tags 

Meta tags are small html codes which you place in blog html to help search engines to easier  index your blog.
I read many articles where authors are saying that meta tags are not important anymore for web rankings .Google is not using keyword in web ranking for years now But I believe also that everybody of you who have blogs will put them in html template anyway why not it cant make harm ,I did it every time. ,but its very important to bring them back when you change your template also as that now you have a templates with built in meta tags where is all you have to do change it with your information
One for shore is that you cant depend only on meta tags, that would be only a small step in building your own space under the net sun .So lets see some examples of meta tags.

<TITLE>Type your blog name </TITLE>
<META name ="description" content=" description of your blog,which will appear in Google's search results">
<META name ="keywords" content="your keywords ,separated by commas">
<META name ="language" content="language of blog">

And there is  more meta tags you can place it but I just cant write about them today ,lets say just I'm to lazy.And I really don't know is there any help of them like is Author name ,Geo place name , even placing Meta name robot when you probably do that already in search preferences, see  how to add robots txt in blogger blog

Now ,how to put these meta tags  

in your  HTML template .Go to Dashboard of your blog,than to Template click on edit HTML ,click Proceed .Now, you have opened your template and in  <HEAD> section ,that is in upper side of your template </HEAD> place your meta tags .

Or you can just place your Meta tag description in blogger dashboard , so how to do that
go to Settings ,
than Search Preferences

how to enable meta tags in blogger

and type description of your blog.Which will than appear in google search result below the blog title

How to simply track visits to your blog

Visits to the blog are monitored for the simple reason to see how you make progress with your writings of your blog. Either  is better  to switch to a different subject, what is the traffic where you are coming visitors.
How much time average visitor  spend on your blog and the topics that most interested for them. All this helps you to,  better estimate what your readers are interested and  in what direction should your blog be developed.
For this purpose we use Counters
So to name a few of them that can help you, of course it's more individual. Thing that is good to me may not be for  you and vice versa.

google analitycs - image

Google Analytics is easy to use, gives a bunch of data you can enroll it with your Google account, plus free of charge. The code which you ll get you need to place in your HTML, and that would be that , log  into your Google Analytics and go to your report.

Sitemeter create an account manager you go to click and get the html code to copy the code in your html, and also has a detailed tutorial how to do it right. Someone My opinion is that it is very good, and also has the option not to follow your visit
Some of other
image feedjit

Essentially,they all do the same thing I can put a hundreds of links here but you will find the one that is best fitting to you needs