Simply addition HTML/Javascript in Blogger blog

You found an interesting cool ,watch, chat or  jokes on another service that other sites provide for free for use in blog. And you want to place it on your blog but don't  know how.
Well, that goes with this gadget  html / javascript that allows you to insert either html or javascript code.
How to do it
First, go to your blog dashboard and then go to Layout in the Layout you can add content ,move, remove and edit blog page elements.You can move your elements by simple click and drag , put  your mouse on page elements and drag where you want click on preview to see are you satisfied with new look of blog .If you are don't forget to save  arrangement .
But lets back to see how to add a html gadget to blog ,now when you came in Layout of your blog simply click on  Add a gadget see example on image below
add a gadget in blogger blog

In the window that will open the basic gadget somewhere in seventh place is the gadget html / java script
HTML /javascript in bloger blog

click on it to open his window and in the field content copy / paste what you want to add to your blog click save and that s it  .
content -  position where you place your html or javascript code

How to add Search Description for each post

Among the many new option Blogger now in Post settings allow adding a Search Description .
What this is about. The point is that now when you write a post in blogger you can add a Search Description for each post .You can write a small summary  about content of  your post and you can do it  for all of your post

Now how you enable this option ,first you must enable Search Description for Your Blog go to Settings -Search Preferences - Meta Tags  description edit in empty field put description of your blog  ,enabling this option will automatically display Search Description in your Post Settings.
Where are Post settings ,click on new post and on right side you ll see post settings just like on image bellow

And that's it